088: Elizabeth Ralph – Building Wealth Through the Power of Spirituality & Investing


Elizabeth Ralph is a wealth strategist and intuitive investor who retired at the age of 39 to help others reach financial freedom in non-traditional ways. She was a financial executive and an energy trader until in 2012 she had an epiphany while feeding Cheetos to a kangaroo on a beach in Australia. She realized her purpose was saving unwanted horses and committed to a strategy to achieve financial freedom within ten years.

Today, Elizabeth joins the show to discuss her philosophy on money and spirituality, the myth of freedom and the risk of procrastination.

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Key Takeaways

00:57 – Jonathan introduces today’s guest, Elizabeth Ralph, who joins the show to discuss her personal approach to money and why her mindset is her most powerful asset

07:01 – How Elizabeth works with clients who won’t get off the water hose

08:47 – Elizabeth’s definition of ‘retirement’ and ‘financial freedom’

15:50 – The Spiritual Investor framework

21:46 – The myth of freedom

24:19 – The risk of procrastination

27:09 – One piece of financial advice to heed and one to completely ignore

32:46 – The last thing Elizabeth changed her mind about and what would constitute a perfect day for her

34:35 – Jonathan thanks Elizabeth for joining the show and lets listeners know where to connect with her

Tweetable Quotes

“I do feel like I inhabit a specific frequency with money that allows me to be more open. It allows me to listen and really get in there with people.” (04:26) (Elizabeth)

“I feel like I have a pretty good filtering system with people coming into my world. They’re gonna go through the podcast, the program, something where they’re at least open to, ‘Ok, money is energy and I’m interested. I want to learn more about this.’ So, it does help in that regard. But yes, I have worked with people and done experiments where I’ve taken people off the streets and said, ‘Let me work with you.’” (07:18) (Elizabeth)

“Wealth is constantly changing and evolving just like we’re constantly changing and evolving.” (12:38) (Elizabeth)

“I think people are so sick of rules, especially when it comes to finance and money.” (16:14) (Elizabeth)

“I want people to be closer to their money because then it becomes part of their story. And when it becomes part of their story, then it becomes one and they’re not separate from it anymore.” (17:49) (Elizabeth)

“It;s the cost of sitting on the sidelines. Once you really get that, you can no longer wait. And I think if you can get people to no longer wait, that is as valuable as giving them the best piece of financial advice out there.” (24:57) (Elizabeth)

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