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Financial Planning with a
Happiness Dividend

Wealth Management. Retirement Plans. Education.

Bring Mindfulness to Personal Finance Berkeley, CA Mindful Money

We Bring Mindfulness to Personal Finance

Money is powerful. It can both add to and detract from all areas of our lives. But human nature puts us at risk of making irrational financial choices. We want to help you develop a better relationship with money by addressing the psychological, physiological, and cultural pressures that influence our decisions.

Mindfulness is a doorway
to more rational choices.

Mindful Money is a behavioral approach to financial planning

In a world that is market-focused and performance-driven, Mindful Money is goal-focused and planning-driven.  Mindfulness, the non-judgmental awareness of the present moment, allows us to ignore the media driven emphasis on “beating the market” – something that is never predictable or controllable – and focus on simple, disciplined behaviors that have long-term impacts on our lives. With this approach, you will feel less anxiety, enjoy better financial outcomes, and earn your happiness dividend – the joy and satisfaction that comes from a life well lived.
Explore Our Approach

Plan + Mindfulness =
Happy Outcomes

Emotion + Reaction =
Unhappy Outcomes

What We Do

For individuals and families Berkeley, CA Mindful Money

For Individuals and Families

Whether you need advanced personalized wealth management or low-cost, low-touch digital services, we develop a financial plan and investment portfolio tailored to you and aligned with Mindful Money principles.

See How Mindful Money Works for You
For employers Berkeley, CA Mindful Money

For Employers

Our business services include retirement plan design, employee education, and employee financial planning services — creating a healthier, happier and
more productive workplace.

Learn About Mindful Money for Businesses
Keynotes and Workshops Berkeley, CA Mindful Money

Education and Keynotes

Mindful Money is committed to Financial Education. We have age- and stage-appropriate courses for individuals and couples, digital financial education packages for employees — or invite Jonathan to present to your audience.

Discover Mindful Money Financial Education

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“Let your Mindful Wealth Map be your personal finance decision anchor. When fear or greed grip you, or the desire for a new toy overwhelms your wiser self, your Mindful Wealth Map can remind you of what is important and bring you back to the trade-offs you SAID you wanted to make to get the outcomes you know are most important to you.”

-Jonathan DeYoe

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