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Jonathan K. DeYoe is the Bestselling Author of two books:
Mindful Investing and Mindful Money.

MINDFUL INVESTING: Right Focus, Better Outcome, Greater Well-Being

A no-stress investing strategy that combines mindfulness with personal finance

In his two decades as a financial adviser, Jonathan K. DeYoe has seen countless investors make decisions driven by fear and wishful thinking. That mindset leads to costly mistakes, such as chasing “hot” stocks, buying when prices are high and selling when low, and racking up expensive transaction fees and taxes in the process. But there is good news: these mistakes are preventable.

In Mindful Investing, DeYoe offers a solution: a comprehensive investment strategy that integrates Western behavioral finance with the Eastern discipline of mindfulness. Mindfulness involves cultivating a state of nonjudgmental awareness of one’s emotions without becoming entangled in them. Practicing mindfulness allows investors to see life from a larger perspective and make financial decisions according to their long-term goals, not fleeting impulses.

Mindful Investing is one of the few books to discuss both the mechanics and the psychology of investing. Key topics include:

  • Understanding how financial markets work (stocks, bonds, and more)
  • Building an investment portfolio appropriate for your age, income, and life goals
  • Assessing your tolerance for risk
  • Recognizing and overcoming cognitive biases that impair your financial judgment
  • Choosing investments that align with your core values (socially conscious investing)

Most important, Mindful Investing provides simple, evidence-based methods that don’t rely on technology, gimmicks, or constant portfolio maintenance. By paring things down to their essentials, Mindful Investing takes the anxiety out of investing and shows readers the way to financial prosperity and personal well-being.

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MINDFUL MONEY: Simple Practices for Reaching Your Financial Goals and Increasing Your Happiness Dividend

Is it possible to be a conscientious citizen of the world and grow wealth?

Author Jonathan K. DeYoe, Buddhist and financial planner, says yes and explains exactly how. Money drives many of our decisions. When we don’t have it, we think, “If I had more, I would be happier…” But then, when we have it, we immediately start to worry we will lose it.

We all worry about money – earning it, spending it, and saving it ― regardless of our income level. Jonathan helps you create a step-by-step financial plan that is informed by your core values. He shows you how to save, invest, pay off debt, and build your lifetime retirement income stream. Mindful Money emphasizes that money is a tool you can use to support your lifestyle and reach your goals without making it the center of your life. This is the “happiness dividend” everyone deserves.

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