About Jonathan

Our beliefs determine our actions. Wrong (or impractical) beliefs lead to mistaken (or unhelpful) actions. Jonathan has been teaching practical beliefs and helping people create order out of financial chaos for 25 years.


As a Lutheran seminarian turned Buddhist academic turned financial advisor, Jonathan is always bridging money and life. He believes that anyone can experience a vibrant, financially successful life by developing a few important beliefs and following a few simple practices. He does his best work teaching these beliefs and practices in spaces where love and money overlap.


Jonathan DeYoe is the bestselling author of Mindful Money: Simple Practices for Reaching Your Financial Goals and Increasing Your Happiness Dividend and has led a Bay Area wealth management office focused on client education for over 2 decades.

He has been investing in public markets for over 4 decades, in real estate for nearly 3 decades, and in other private business for over twenty years. After all this investing experience, he believes the two levers we can pull to improve outcomes for families are improving general financial education and embracing financial planning. He has been a guest on over 100 podcasts. And, as the host of the Mindful Money Podcast and co-host of the Mindful Wealth Podcast, he talks about both the personal-finance decision-making process and the part money and wealth play in our culture.

Personal financial statistics are staggeringly bad. Pew research tells us that nearly 50% of Americans would struggle to survive a $400 emergency. Because most people are so confounded by personal finance, Jonathan is a vocal advocate for the fiduciary relationship – where the advisor is bound by the obligation to place client interests above ALL other interests at ALL times.

In 2021, Jonathan merged his wealth management firm into and became a partner of EP Wealth. He and the Mindful Money team continue to provide financial planning and portfolio design support directly to client families from the Berkeley office of EP Wealth. 

Jonathan is an advocate for financial literacy education and for fiduciary responsibility in the advisory community. He believes everyone can benefit from good financial advice, but accepts people find themselves in many different situations. Not everyone needs or wants a relationship with a personal financial advisor. Many people would benefit enormously from a course in basic financial literacy. 

Either way, Jonathan is passionate about a goal-focused and planning-driven (as opposed to market-focused and performance-driven) approach to personal finance. His dream would be to move the entire public conversation about money in this direction because our near-universal focus on "outperformance" is causing us to underperform. NO ONE has a crystal ball, we should all stop pretending. If we do thoughtful planning, make intelligent trade-offs, mostly good choices, and just be more patient -- we will have better lives and better financial outcomes.

Jonathan lives in the Berkeley Hills with his wife of 20 years and 2 incredible kids. Prior to entering the financial services industry, he was a student of philosophy, comparative religion, and Buddhist Phenomenology at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA.