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Here’s What You Get By Becoming a Live Access Member Today:

  • Monthly Maintenance Live Events
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  • Additional (Market-Responsive, As Needed) Live Events
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Why Become a Mindful Money Member?

Everyone should have access to both financial freedom and a secure retirement.

Imagine being able to relax and enjoy life without worrying about money...

Knowing that you’ll have enough to support the lifestyle you want for the rest of your life.

Think of the stress that would take away!

If you want to reach a place of financial freedom and enjoy a stress-free “retirement,” you know you need to invest in the great companies of the US and the world.

But, maybe you’re uncertain about your day-to-day financial decisions, or your portfolio.

Maybe you aren’t quite sure how to both beat inflation and create a portfolio that is right for you.

Maybe you still feel like the market is too risky.

Maybe you don’t like thinking about investments at all. You’re certainly not alone there.

What if you could take charge of your financial future with a simple, Mindful Portfolio?

What if you could achieve control over your retirement without being intimidated by financial tools, or being stressed about the market?

What if you could easily manage your money and knew you could get answers to questions when needed, so you could focus on living life instead of thinking and worrying about money?

As a Mindful Money Member, you’ll receive regular guidance about the nitty gritty details of personal finance – and, I’ll help you “stay the course” with your simple, Mindful Portfolio.

Behavioral supportthe most valuable benefit of financial advice according to Morningstar and Vanguard – is at the core of the Mindful Money Membership.

We take the guesswork, stress and worry out of managing your money and save you tens of thousands of dollars in advisor fees.

As a result, you’ll finally feel in control of your finances and your retirement.

That’s what you’ll get out of the Mindful Money Membership.

I want you to have access to answers when the questions arise, and support for your Mindful Portfolio.

Most importantly, I want you sleep better knowing you’re on the right path to creating an income stream that rises to meet your rising cost of living AND lasts for the rest of your life.

The single most important benefit of accessing advice in a group setting is that you will save thousands of dollars – and the compounding on thousands of dollars saved can make all the difference in your lifetime retirement income.

Lower cost means more money invested and compounding.

How Membership Works:

  • All Live Access Members are invited to join 2 (or more) live monthly sessions. The sessions are held virtually on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 4 PM Pacific. As Jonathan travels frequently for speaking engagements, we will notify members of schedule changes at least 2 weeks in advance. No worries if the dates don’t work for you; all of the sessions are recorded and easily accessible in the members area.
  • Questions stacking: Every session will run at least 90 minutes. We will answer questions in the following order:

1. Topic of the day.
 2. All things Mindful Money.
 3. Anything on your mind – we will do our best to get to every question.

Here Are The 3 Components of Membership:

The Mindful Money Membership is a group coaching program dedicated to keeping you on track towards your financial goals. It provides both ongoing education about personal financial topics, and “behavioral coaching” around the Mindful Portfolio (as described in the Bootcamp and in my latest book, Mindful Investing).


Mindful Money Monthly Maintenance

The first Wednesday of every month, we will go over 3-4 activities that members should complete during the month to stay on top of their finances. Not every activity will be relevant to every member – we will provide context throughout the conversations.


Ignore the Noise

The third Wednesday of every month, I will go over the financial noise and talk about markets, economies, and Mindful Portfolios. I will answer questions about how the constant flow of information affects (or more often doesn’t affect) our investment decisions.


This Time is [NEVER] Different

This is the occasional “just in case” meeting. Sometimes the world goes sideways, and the media starts screaming, and we risk our emotions overwhelming our better judgement. When this happens, we’ll open a forum for discussion and perspective.

What If The Live Events Don’t Fit My Schedule?

No problem, all the live events and Q&A sessions will be recorded for you to review at your convenience. You’ll also have a chance to submit your questions ahead of time so that even if you can't be there, you will get your specific questions answered.

While you’re encouraged to attend the live sessions, we also understand that time zone differences are a factor. You will still get all of your member benefits – and all the help you need – even if you can’t attend the live sessions.

How Do I Know if Membership is Right for Me?

The financial world is full of false promises, delusional beliefs, and outright lies. Most of what passes for financial journalism is an attempt to sell you on a manufacturer's product or a particular pundit's worldview. No one can predict what will happen next (good or bad), so none of the catastrophism is helpful in the long-term context.

The challenge is... we are all gullible.

"Humans can be duped by liars and conned by frauds; manipulated by rhetoric and beguiled by self-regard... Not only CAN people be led astray, most people ARE... A sucker may be born every minute, but somehow that sucker is never oneself" – Tim Maudlin

Mindful Money is a no-prediction zone. We do not care about the hot stock of the day, or Bitcoin, or the latest and greatest thing people invest in – because it does not matter in the long run.

These Principles are the Foundation of Mindful Money:

  1. 1
    The only sustainable basis for a relationship is mutual trust. I mean to tell the pure, undiluted truth – as I see it – all the time.
  2. 2
    The only rational medium for a teaching or guiding relationship (and the only basis for an investment portfolio) is a plan – be it a simple retirement income plan, or a comprehensive financial and estate plan.
  3. 3
    In the long run, the only sane definition of money is purchasing power. Currency, therefore, is NOT money. It’s just currency, and it loses some of its purchasing power every day because of inflation.
  4. 4
    Risk, properly defined, has less to do with the short-term loss of currency and more to do with the long-term loss of purchasing power. Over 4-5 decades preparing for retirement and 3-4 decades in retirement, inflation is the dominant risk factor.
  5. 5
    Equities (the partial ownership of the Great Companies in America and the World) have been far more effective than Bonds (and other fixed-income investments) at preserving and enhancing purchasing power. I prefer owning over lending.
  6. 6
    Equities’ superior long-term returns are a function of (in fact, they are directly caused by) their greater volatility. But volatility ≠ risk, because all historical declines are temporary, while the advance of equities has been permanent. Volatility fades; return endures.
  7. 7
    The economy, markets, and future relative performance of investments cannot consistently be predicted or timed. This is OK, because next to your asset allocation and the overriding issue of behavior, prediction and timing are irrelevant.
  8. 8
    NO ONE can gain an advantage over the equity markets by going into and out of it (or parts of it) in response to current events or perceived threats. I don’t attempt to analyze (much less predict) current events. I believe in patiently holding the portfolio which seems best suited to my long-term goals.
  9. 9
    Uncertainty – in markets and indeed the world – is the only certainty. We do not move from periods of uncertainty towards periods of certainty (as we imagine); rather we move from one uncertainty to the next. Our only option is to practice rationality in the midst of uncertainty.
  10. 10
    I believe that long-term optimism is the only long-term realism – never more so than at the present moment.

If you found yourself nodding along to the above, then I hope you'll join our little counter-cultural corner of the financial world – you'd be in great company.

If you disagree with many or most of these... then Mindful Money is probably not going to be your taste. This is completely fine and I'm sure you will find sources that will better serve your needs.

For those who were nodding along, I've developed frameworks and strategies to guide you both in getting started and building wealth for your family.

If you're serious about getting on the path to financial independence...

And want regular access to information and answers...

Using frameworks, principles, and methods that the research supports, and that have been proven to work for thousands of families...

I'm excited to see you in one of our member meetings.

We meet twice a month – join us when you want to/need to and stay as long as you like. When the time comes and you need one-to-one advice, I'll help you find the right CPA, attorney, or financial advisor for you.

Become a Mindful Money Member Today!

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  • Recordings of All Membership Events ($1,482 Annual Value)
  • Mindful Money 360° ($497 Value)
  • 50% Discount on DIY Financial Plan ($499 Value)
  • Additional Courses, Calculators, Guides, Helpful Resources & Weekly Newsletter (Priceless)


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  • Mindful Money 360° ($497 Value)
  • Recordings of the Financial Independence Bootcamp ($3,988 Annual Value)
  • Second Opinion on your Portfolio ($997 Value)
  • 40% Discount on the Financial Independence Bootcamp (Save $999)
  • Additional Courses, Calculators, Guides, Helpful Resources & Weekly Newsletter (Priceless)


You can trust us

What Clients Say About Jonathan DeYoe…

“Jonathan is a financial industry expert who earned our complete trust and confidence in the first year that we knew him. We have been to dozens of his presentations and he can always explain difficult "market" or "Economic" concepts in a way that we get it. His constant stream of commentary is our "Steady Hand On The Wheel" that has kept us from making big mistakes many, many times.”


“Sometimes life can be crazy and I wonder if I'm on the right path. Finding Jonathan DeYoe makes me confident the choices I've made have led me in the right direction. Perhaps a bit deep to write here, but Jonathan has helped us with more than just Wealth Management. He is a brilliant, optimistic guy with a keen understanding of how the world works; without a doubt, he sees the big picture. We are so, so fortunate to have found him.”


“Every advisor ends up sounding the same as they talk about planning and investing. Jonathan transforms the client-advisor relationship by helping clients focus on their unique brand of happiness. The reality is that no one can promise better money outcomes. By creating an eco-system to enhance client happiness, Jonathan improves both financial and life outcomes.”


Have Questions About Membership?

Below Are Some Common Questions And Answers:

Is this program completely online?

Yes, this program is 100% online and accessible from any tablet, computer, or mobile device.

What if I can’t attend all the live sessions?

No problem, all the course materials and live sessions will be recorded for you to review at your convenience. While it’s encouraged for you to attend all the live sessions, I understand that time zone differences are a factor. I’ve designed the program for success even if you don’t attend live.

How many hours will I need to devote to this?

This will depend entirely on what you want to get out of membership. If you want support for your regular nitty-gritty to-do list, that’s one 90-minute meeting + 30-90 minutes staying on top of things (but… you will be on top of everything). If you’re looking for help keeping that steady hand on the wheel, that’s a different 90-minute meeting. Attending both meetings would be 2-3 hours / month.

We anticipate that not everyone will attend every meeting, so you should not feel like it is a necessity to do so. Anything you miss will be available in the Member portal.

What are your payment options?

At each of the membership levels (Basic Access, Live Access, and Live Access Plus), there are two ways to pay. You can get started at the monthly rate, or make one annual payment to save approximately 15%:

* Basic Access: $47/month or $470/year ($94 savings)

* Live Access: $97/month or $970/year ($194 savings)

* Live Access Plus: $247/month or $2667/year ($297 savings)


Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Jonathan,

As a Lutheran seminarian turned Buddhist academic turned financial advisor, I am always bridging money and life.

I’ve been investing in public markets for over four decades, in real estate for nearly three decades, and in other private businesses for over twenty years. After all this investing experience, I am passionate about a goal-focused and planning-driven (as opposed to market-focused) approach to personal finance.

My 25-year career has been devoted to financial education and getting advice to people locked out of traditional advice networks. You can read more about me HERE and HERE.

My brother David and I dreamed of working together to bring the very best financial advice to people like our parents when they were in their 30s. There were no investments to speak of and they were just barely getting by… they had nowhere to turn for education or advice.

No advisor would speak to them.
No bank would lend to them.
Brokers were only interested in selling them products.

In 2021, David drowned in the Pacific Ocean. I wanted to carry on our dream, both to honor my brother and to support my brother’s family who lost their primary source of income.

I merged my financial planning and investing business into a larger firm and am focusing on providing access to those who traditionally don’t have access – like my parents so many years ago.

Education is not enough – because knowing the right things to do, but not doing it, gets you nowhere. Regular financial coaching – digging into the monthly details, answering questions, offering perspective – helps you bridge the knowing/doing gap.

Those who DO fare better than those who KNOW.

As the bestselling author of Mindful Investing: Right Focus, Better Outcome, Greater Well-Being and Mindful Money: Simple Practices for Reaching Your Financial Goals and Increasing Your Happiness Dividend, I believe that anyone can experience a vibrant, financially successful life by developing a few important beliefs and following a few simple practices.

I look forward to sharing what I have learned and helping you reach financial independence!

Become a Mindful Money Member Today!

Join the Membership Tier that works best for you.
Choose annual payments to save even more.


Basic Access





  • Recordings of All Membership Events ($1,482 Annual Value)
  • Mindful Money 360° ($497 Value)
  • 50% Discount on DIY Financial Plan ($499 Value)
  • Additional Courses, Calculators, Guides, Helpful Resources & Weekly Newsletter (Priceless)


 Live Access Plus




TOTAL VALUE: $10,442

  • Access to all LIVE Membership Events & Event Recordings ($2,964 Annual Value)
  • DIY Financial Plan ($997 Value)
  • Mindful Money 360° ($497 Value)
  • Recordings of the Financial Independence Bootcamp ($3,988 Annual Value)
  • Second Opinion on your Portfolio ($997 Value)
  • 40% Discount on the Financial Independence Bootcamp (Save $999)
  • Additional Courses, Calculators, Guides, Helpful Resources & Weekly Newsletter (Priceless)


You can trust us