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Weekend Reading | Saturday, September 16, 2023

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Take a Wife … Please!

The fact that my marriage is the source of much happiness in my life is an anecdote. AND, it is part of a larger statistical conclusion as well. Want to be happy? Try getting married.

Meditation is More Than Either Stress Relief Or Enlightenment

If someone asked, “Jonathan, what ONE thing could people do to improve every aspect of their lives?” My answer would be, “meditation.” Are you doing it?

Compassion Is the Greatest Virtue


Compassion doesn’t judge. It hears the struggle behind even the most disagreeable words and extends help. Be compassionate.

Intelligent vs. Smart


Facts and formulas are important, but not as important as bullshit detection and understanding how people work.

The Cake/Fruit Salad Theory of Asset Allocation

My friend Mike Piper making an excellent asset allocation analogy!


Whatever your age, if you seek financial independence, then there are three things you need:

1. Your independence number
2. A resilient “all-weather” portfolio – what we call a Mindful Portfolio
3. A responsive withdrawal process – what we call Mindful Management 

If you are not clear about any of these items, I hope you will join us for our Financial Independence Bootcamp where we will answer each of these questions together. 

Always reading, always learning, Jonathan hand-selects these articles for readers each week. To view Jonathan’s curated articles from previous weeks, CLICK HERE.

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