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Weekend Reading | Saturday, May 25, 2024

Featured Articles: Good Writing From Around The Web

My 7 Rules for Happiness

I’ve heard lots of rules for happiness… and this is the most unconventional list I’ve seen.

The Problem Isn’t That Life is Unfair – It’s Your Broken Idea of Fairness

My mom used to say, “Jonathan, where is it written that life is (supposed to be) fair?”

The Achievement Society is Burning Us Out, We Need More Play

Hey, I’ve got an idea… how about we play more and produce less!

6 Months and 1 Day

In some of the bigger decisions, there is no “all else being equal.”

Not Scared of Bears

The only thing we have to fear (markets edition) is fear itself.


Whatever your age, if you seek financial independence, then there are three things you need:

1. Your independence number
2. A resilient “all-weather” portfolio – what we call a Mindful Portfolio
3. A responsive withdrawal process – what we call Mindful Management 

If you are not clear about any of these items, I hope you will join us for our Financial Independence Bootcamp where we will answer each of these questions together. 

Always reading, always learning, Jonathan hand-selects these articles for readers each week. To view Jonathan’s curated articles from previous weeks, CLICK HERE.

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