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[VIDEO] The Mindful Experiment Podcast | Mindful With Money

Thanks Dr. Vic for the invite to The Mindful Experiment Podcast. The single biggest mistake we make in personal finance is to believe that our outcomes require us to predict the future – which is impossible. If you want financial success, it requires planning, humility, and patience.


Dr. Vic is a Chiropractor, Transformational Mindset Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and Influential Author. He is the creator and host of The Mindful Experiment, Wellness Smart Radio and The Mindful Chiropractor Podcasts (releases Jan 2021). He is the author of two books: Rediscover Your Greatness and A Walk in the Dark. His main vision and purpose in life is to help individuals understand that there are no rules to life except the ones they create. He shares these concepts through spiritual laws, quantum physics and universal laws.

The Mindful Experiment is all about the experiment of life. It is understanding the different fabrics of the mind, the mindset and how it plays a role to either create the life of your dreams or put you into a mental prison.

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