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[VIDEO] The Investing Show | Mindfulness, Money & Investing

It was an absolute honor to be interviewed by Robin Powell. You’ve heard me talk about “Evidence Based Investing.” The idea is everywhere now, but I first ran into it on Robin’s blog – The Evidence Based Investor. Thanks Robin, it was a pleasure.


In this episode of The Investing Show, Jonathan DeYoe, an evidence-based financial planner and author of Mindful Investing, discusses the intersection between mindfulness and financial success. He explores how mindfulness, by fostering a non-judgmental approach to the present moment, can improve emotional relationships with money, empower better decision-making amidst information overload, and guide individuals toward aligned financial choices while emphasizing the importance of self-understanding in financial planning.


The Investing Show is a video podcast series presented by Robin Powell and Abraham Okusanya about everything to do with investing. Robin is an award-winning journalist and campaigner for positive change in global investing, advocating better investor education and greater transparency. For most of his career in mainstream journalism, Robin worked in broadcast news and current affairs. For 14 years he was a news reporter and documentary maker for ITV Central and network ITV News and ITV Sport. He went freelance in 2005, and spent seven years working mainly for Sky News and for The Politics Show on BBC1. Robin’s blog, The Evidence-Based Investor, is an attempt to inform investors about what the evidence says; to explain why we don’t hear more about it; and to help like-minded financial advisers to communicate the benefits of an evidence-based approach.

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