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[VIDEO] Lead to Greatness Podcast | Mindful Investing with Jonathan DeYoe

Big thank you to my friend, Cedric Francis, for treating every other sentence I utter like a “Knowledge Bomb.” You are far too kind!!! If you don’t know Cedric, check out the good work he and his wife do in Texas at MTS Outreach.


Jonathan DeYoe is a Lutheran Seminarian turned Buddhist Academic turned Financial Advisor turned financial coach and educator. He is the author of two bestselling books – Mindful Money & Mindful Investing – and he hosts the Mindful Money Podcast.

He led an award-winning San Francisco Bay Area wealth management firm focused on financial planning and client education for 20 years before merging with EP Wealth. He does his best work where Love and Money intersect.


Hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, and public speaker Cedric Francis, the Lead to Greatness Podcast helps leaders reach their greatest potential and together change the world. Over 20+ years of leadership experience. Whether you are leading a non-profit or for-profit corporation, you’ll learn tips on leadership and business from some of the top leaders today.

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