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[VIDEO] Lawsome – The Mindful Money Episode with Jonathan DeYoe

Many thanks to Jake Sanders for a wonderful interview. We talked about being better at business, finances, and life, just by being in the moment. Click HERE to learn more.


Can Mindfulness Help You Run Your Business?

Today’s Hot Take is from Forbes.com, “Can Mindfulness Help You Run Your Business?” by Stephanie Burns. She writes:

“Mindfulness has been thought to help in a number of ways, but the most significant include reducing anxiety, heightening productivity, and contributing to a greater sense of presence. Because these benefits are preferred for employees, they’re also great for entrepreneurs, and can likely help you better run your business.”
Here are a few ways that neurocoaching and mindfulness can take your business to the next level:
1. It can improve your self-confidence, helping you with decision making.
2. It can help you be more creative.
3. It can heighten productivity.”

Mindfulness and awareness are approaches we are big fans of, and the idea of using it with regards to business, while not necessarily new, are worth looking into for the myriad of benefits they can provide.

“Stop Predicting The Short Term.”

Jonathan DeYoe is a best-selling author, behavioral wealth advisor, speaker, founder and CEO of MindfulMoney. He’s been helping his financial planning clients build futures, and create legacies for almost 20 years! He started on The Street, worked his way up to the top, and now he breaks through the cloudbank to join us on LAWsome.

Be sure to listen to the entire podcast episode for information and conversation about issues business owners face, successful financial management, mindfulness and awareness in the law firm and more.

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