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Podcast: The Everyday Millionaire | Jonathan DeYoe – Mindful Money Master

Through a series of human questions, Patrick and I build out the core philosophy of goal-focused and planning-driven investing on top of my experiences as a child, my varied educational path (finance, Lutheran Seminary, and Buddhist Philosophy), and my early sales career on Wall Street. We discuss important concepts in my book, Mindful Money, and we apply a popular R.A.I.N. meditation exercise to the fear of markets.


An accomplished speaker, facilitator, and host, over the last two decades Patrick Francey has taught and presented to thousands of real estate investor entrepreneurs across Canada, both live and online. He is best known for providing his audiences with foundational lessons and context for understanding how to “treat your real estate investing like a business.”

Determined to create and build a platform to reach even more investors, entrepreneurs, and others interested in building their financial freedom, The Everyday Millionaire podcast was launched in early 2017. The podcast has received rave reviews from a rapidly growing global following. The principles and philosophies Patrick and his every day millionaire guests share are empowering, entertaining, and real. The authentic, charismatic, and approachable style of the informative conversations keeps his audience growing and coming back for more. Listeners often share their feelings of inspiration: “if they can do it, I can do it, too.”

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