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Podcast: Money Tree Investing | Do You Have Mindful Money? These Simple Habits Can Improve Your Odds Of Money Success

Thanks to Kirk at MoneyTree for having me back for a second time. I love every chance I get to create a little simplicity in the money world.


This week we interview Jonathan DeYoe about Mindful Money and 5 tips that you can use today for better financial health.


Money Tree Investing Podcast is a popular show that teaches you the real truth about investing and personal finance. We share Wall Street insider secrets about how you can invest better and understand how the financial industry works. This show teaches you how to think differently about investing, personal finance, inflation, risk management, retirement, alternative investments, portfolio management, self-directed IRAs, college funding & most importantly… your money.

We interview knowledgeable experts in their field and ask the questions you want to know. These experts come from diverse backgrounds so you can get a well-rounded view of different investing strategies and personal finance secrets.

The format is simple, yet effective. We start the show with an interview of an expert. Then we transition to the panel portion of the show where our panel of industry experts discusses the interview and topic from their different unique perspectives and personal experiences. This way you get 4-5 perspectives in one show.

Within the walls of the young adult community, listeners will be uplifted, encouraged, and supported to be the stars of their own lives.  Through connections, collaborations, conversations, and conflicts, a global campus of young people unite to express their viewpoints.

Topics include books, music, making a difference, technology, school, art, writing, volunteering, careers, films, family, friends, foes, fashion, and fun. Come play in STAR country Voice America Kids Network and Express Yourself!™ It’s a global hour of adolescent fusion with the voices of teens, experts, & celebrities.

The show host, Kirk Chisholm, has over 23 years of experience in the wealth management industry. He co-founded Innovative Advisory Group (IAG) to address the need for specialization of certain investing and planning strategies not being addressed by the wealth management industry. IAG specializes in alternative investments held in retirement accounts (i.e. self-directed IRAs/401ks), college funding strategies, risk management, inflation strategies, cryptocurrencies, exit planning for business owners, & advanced financial planning strategies.

Our goal on the show is to make your life better.

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