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Podcast: The Authors Unite Show | Jonathan DeYoe: Author of Mindful Money Thumbnail

Podcast: The Authors Unite Show | Jonathan DeYoe: Author of Mindful Money

Tyler, totally agree that Alan Watts is a great introduction to Western Buddhism and that his voice is soothing to the ear. Thanks for a great conversation. P.S. Careful of those 3-4 month hypnosis events!

In this interview we talked about the challenges of our reactions to what is going on in the world, and how practicing non-reaction (mindfulness) is key to alleviating the massive amount of problems those reactions can create for us both in our personal and financial lives.


Tyler Wagner is the bestselling author and Founder of Authorsunite.com where he helps people become successful authors. His passion is in helping others spread their message with the world through the written word.

AUTHORS UNITE is the future of book marketing. They help people hit major bestseller lists like USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. More than that, they actually help you become profitable as an author. There is a specific method to this. Your book is your foundation. Multiple profit streams stem from that foundation.

Authors Unite helps each author they work with turn their book into profit so they can impact more people with their story and expertise.

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