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5 Ways Investing Can Help You – Above and Beyond Realizing Your Goals

If Abraham Maslow taught a class in personal finance, he would have described earning and saving as the foundation of any personal financial success program. Earning allows us our physiological needs – food, shelter, clothing – and saving is the bedrock of security. Earning and saving would be the bottom two levels of his famous pyramid.

Just as our well-being depends on more than meeting our physiological needs and feeling secure, our financial success requires more than earning and saving.

The two (our well-being and our financial success) are deeply intertwined. Investing is a necessity for reaching the upper levels in your personal finances, but we forget that it is also incredibly helpful in meeting our well-being needs.

The completely uneducated will define investing success as the degree by which one “beats” a particular index or benchmark. I’ve spent the better part of my almost 3-decade career attempting to explain this away – but the performance focus persists (to the detriment of individuals and families everywhere).

As planners, we often define “success” as meeting our goals. We are successful if we:

  1. Are living our preferred lifestyle,
  2. Can afford college tuition for our kids (or grandkids),
  3. Can take that great vacation, or perhaps buy the 2nd home,
  4. Are on pace to create that retirement income we can’t outlive, and
  5. Can take care of our parents (if necessary).

Knowing and reaching our goals is an important element of personal finance, but I would argue what we really gain by investing is the top tiers of Maslow’s hierarchy – things like comfort, fulfillment, opportunity, freedom, and legacy.

Investing Grants Comfort

Investing grants comfort by both clearing our paths of stressful scenarios and allowing for greater creature comforts.

When we have a Mindful Portfolio, we are less likely to experience financial worries and anxieties. Knowing that we have sound investments in place can alleviate stress related to unexpected expenses, job uncertainties, or economic downturns. Knowing our investments give us passive income and appreciation over time yields peace of mind as we live through life’s uncertainties.

Investing enables greater creature comforts as well. Confidence in our investment returns can grant us access to premier services like valet parking and room service. It can also support eating organic food, taking more luxurious or adventurous vacations, purchasing better cars, and living in more desirable neighborhoods. Investing can allow for experiences that boost comfort and enjoyment.

Investing can protect us from both the real negative experiences of life and the stress about potential negative experiences while elevating our standard of living and enabling the finer things at the same time.

Investing Grants Fulfillment

Investing grants life fulfillment by supporting personal growth and providing an avenue to align our financial lives with our personal values.

Having investments frees individuals to pursue personal growth and achieve their aspirations. By establishing a Mindful Portfolio, individuals gain financial stability and the flexibility to allocate their time and resources towards being better people. They can invest in educational opportunities, acquire new skills, or embark on ventures that align with their passions. With a solid financial foundation, individuals are empowered to take risks, explore new avenues, and push themselves outside of their comfort zones, leading to personal growth, a sense of accomplishment, and even greater financial success.

Investing allows individuals to align their financial lives with their personal values. This alignment occurs both in spending decisions and investing decisions. With a conscious and thoughtful approach, individuals can ensure that their financial resources support causes and industries that reflect their values and beliefs. They can make spending decisions that prioritize sustainability, ethics, and responsibility. They can invest in companies or initiatives that align with their values and by doing so contribute to the greater good.

Investing grants fulfillment by freeing individuals to continue becoming the best version of themselves, achieve better outcomes, and align their financial resources with their personal beliefs.

Investing fosters our living a more intentional life.

Investing Grants Opportunity

Investing grants opportunity by enabling individuals to embrace change, be adaptable, and seize new possibilities. With a solid investment portfolio, individuals gain financial stability and flexibility to navigate shifting circumstances and explore different paths in life, opening doors to personal growth and greater opportunities.

Furthermore, having investments allows individuals to work on special projects aligned with their passions and collaborate with like-minded individuals. By having financial resources, individuals can pursue passion projects, support entrepreneurial ventures, or engage in philanthropic initiatives. Investing provides the freedom to choose partners and collaborators who share similar visions, fostering further personal and professional development.

Investing frees individuals to embrace change, adapt to new circumstances, and explore different paths. It empowers individuals to work on special projects and seek out like-minded individuals, creating an environment that opens doors to new possibilities.

Having investments gives us the opportunity to unlock all areas of our human potential.

Investing Grants Freedom

Investing grants freedom by providing flexibility in all aspects of life. With investments, individuals have the freedom to choose job opportunities, select friend groups, and explore different options in love and relationships based on their personal preferences and values. Those who have investments can focus more on what they want; less on what they need.

Investing is the beginning of reaching financial independence – it ultimately gives us “F.U. Money.” Being financially independent empowers individuals to break free from toxic relationships and unfulfilling jobs, allowing them to prioritize their own (and their family’s) happiness and well-being.

Investing grants freedom of choice – in jobs, partners, friends, and activities.  Perhaps the greatest freedom gained by financial independence is the freedom to spend our time how we wish. It empowers individuals to live life on their own terms, free from financial constraints and able to prioritize their well-being.

Investing Grants Legacy

Investing grants legacy by enabling individuals to have a multi-generational impact. By wisely shepherding our Mindful Portfolio, we can create wealth that can be passed down to future generations. Investments can provide a foundation for financial stability and prosperity for our family and loved ones. I’ve personally always dreamt of ensuring health, housing, and education for at least a couple generations beyond me. Others dream of endowing even greater family legacies.

Furthermore, successful investors can make a difference in their communities. They can support causes they are passionate about, contribute to charitable organizations, and become philanthropists. These acts of generosity not only create a positive impact but also provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Investing allows individuals to leave their mark on the world and, maybe, be remembered for their contribution. The legacy of giving is meaningful and significant – with or without accolades.

Investing grants legacy by enabling individuals to impact their families for generations and contribute to causes they care about even after they are gone from this world. By harnessing the power of investments, individuals can create a positive and meaningful impact for generations to come.

Investing, done right, isn’t about my lifetime. It is about what I leave behind.

These are not all separate and unique items. They overlap extensively. Nor is this list exclusive. There are countless benefits of investing that are outside the realm of our financial planning documents.

When it gets right down to it, investing is almost never about money. It is always about something bigger or deeper. Imagining Maslow as the teacher, we would hear a lot more about belonging, self-esteem, and self-actualization as ancillary benefits of investing.

I absolutely agree.

In much the same way, in this piece, here, I suggest that love lies behind each of our goals.

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