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Weekend Reading | Saturday, August 13, 2022

Featured Articles: Good Writing From Around The Web

Thinking About Reaching Out to Someone? Science Says Do It


Drop the note; make the call; send the text. Overcoming acquaintance inertia leads to surprisingly positive results.

Before You Fly The Nest: Advice For Kids Heading to College


Share this life advice with the new crop of college students in your life.

An Ancient Technique Can Improve Your Attention Span


Improving your attention leads to better cognition, better decisions, better outcomes.

Occam’s – How Buffer Assets Might Be Able to Help Your Retirement

This is why your cash emergency fund is so important in retirement. Cash as “buffer asset” enables greater equity ownership while maintaining lifestyle spending in down markets.

How Much Money Do People Need to Be Happy?

More research into how much we really need.


Whatever your age, if you seek financial independence, then there are three things you need:

1. Your independence number
2. A resilient “all-weather” portfolio – what we call a Mindful Portfolio
3. A responsive withdrawal process – what we call Mindful Management 

If you are not clear about any of these items, I hope you will join us for our Financial Independence Bootcamp where we will answer each of these questions together. 

Always reading, always learning, Jonathan hand-selects these articles for readers each week. To view Jonathan’s curated articles from previous weeks, CLICK HERE.

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