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[VIDEO] Wealth Matters Podcast | Mindful Money: Stop Predicting and Start Planning with Jonathan DeYoe

Thanks for the conversation Alpesh — happy to be on the Wealth Matters podcast. You took us a lot of places, including the always interesting question: “How do you work with engineers?”


(00:02 – 2:27) Opening Segment
– Introduction of the host into the show
– Alpesh introduces the guest of the show, Jonathan– Jonathan shares something interesting about himself

(2:27 – 30:14) Mindful Money: Stop Predicting and Start Planning
– What do you invest in? and Why?
– Are you recommending any specific actions for people to take right now?
– Can you explain what mindful many is? and why you wrote the book?
– Goal focus, planning driven, what do you mean by that?
– Why is money such a significant source of stress? whether we have it or not
– Plan appropriate investing can you explain. Why do you say successful investing is more about E.Q than financial acumen

How do you deal with engineers?
– Families, how do they envision transferring wealth between generations? what do we get most wrong about it?-Where would you put your money right now?

(30:14 – 30:31) Break

– Welcoming listeners and guest back to the show

(30:31 – 37:31) Fire Round
– Will Jonathan change the business strategy after Coronavirus?
– Jonathan’s favorite real estate, finance, or other related books
– Tools or website Jonathan recommends
– Jonathan’s advice to beginner investors
– How does Jonathan give back?
– How can Wealth Matters Podcast listeners reach out to Jonathan?

(37:31 – 37:51) Closing Segment

If you want to learn more about the discussion, you can watch the podcast on Wealth Matter’s YouTube channel and you can reach out to Alpesh using this link.


lpesh Parmar is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, business owner, author, mentor, and podcast host who is passionate about wealth, life, and health. Alpesh is Host of the real asset investing Podcast – “Wealth Matters”. Alpesh is also co-author of Amazon # 1 Bestselling book – Resilience: Turning Your Setback into a Comeback. He has invested in the USA, Belize, Panama, Paraguay, and India. He owns and manages a portfolio of duplexes and small to medium sized apartment buildings in Birmingham, Atlanta, and Dallas markets. The Wealth Matters Podcast will help you learn how to build generational wealth and generate passive cash flow.

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