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[VIDEO] True Man Podcast | Mindfulness Matters with Jonathan DeYoe

My men’s group helped me pick up the pieces when my brother died and I appreciate every opportunity to talk about him and to reflect on the power of community. A hearty thank you for the wonderful interview, conversation, and walk down memory lane from one man who wears his heart on his sleeve to another.


During this episode of the True Man Podcast, Mike Van Pelt speaks with Jonathan DeYoe, the host of the Mindful Money Podcast. Their discussion revolved around how his participation in a men’s group has profoundly enriched his life following the loss of his brother. Regardless of the challenges we may face, remember the power of community and the importance of self-care in navigating life’s storms.


The True Man Podcast dares to explore the daily challenges facing men.  We are all broken, all searching, and all looking for more of something in our lives.  The True Man Podcast is an invitation to a radical reconstruction of a man’s masculine heart and soul, and a place of safe community where we dare to ask questions deep-seated in a man.

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