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[VIDEO] THINK Business LIVE | Jon Dwoskin Talks with Jonathan DeYoe

Thanks for the insightful interview, Jon. Glad you are focused on helping people Think Big. As you know, your thoughts set the stage for your outcomes.


As a Lutheran seminarian turned Buddhist academic turned financial advisor, Jonathan DeYoe is always bridging money and life. He believes that anyone can experience a vibrant, financially successful life by developing a few important beliefs and following a few simple practices. He does his best work teaching these beliefs and practices in spaces where love and money overlap.


Every DAY Business, Sales and Productivity coach Jon Dwoskin takes a deep dive into a new level of business conversations, interviewing thought leaders to understand the BIG picture of why they are doing what they are doing, and how they are making a difference in the lives they touch. Their stories will inspire and guide you to your next level, shifting your perspective on your own capacity. Get ready to Get Unstuck and Think BIG. VERY BIG!

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