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[VIDEO] The Healthy Advisor Podcast | Rebuilding Healthy Habits After Traumatic Loss with Jonathan DeYoe

Many clients have lost loved ones over the years – parents, partners, kids, and siblings. We can’t understand the devastating life-altering effects on those who are left until it happens to us. What do you do with an open wound that you know will never close? Thank you Diana and WealthManagement.com for the opportunity to remember, share… and heal.


A little over a year ago, advisor Jonathan DeYoe was in a healthy place; he was meditating on a regular basis, working out, eating and sleeping right.

But in the summer of 2021, he tragically lost his only brother and business partner when he drowned in the Pacific Ocean. He says his life came to a “screeching halt” that day. While coping with grief, he struggled to stay healthy. Since then, he has been on a journey to rebuild healthy habits after experiencing this huge loss.

In this episode, Diana Britton, managing editor of WealthManagement.com, speaks with Jonathan DeYoe, Senior VP of EP Wealth Advisors in Berkeley, CA, author of Mindful Money and host of the Mindful Wealth Podcast, about the struggles of maintaining healthy habits during tragic times.

Jonathan discusses:

  • How his habits changed while working on Wall Street
  • The wake-up call that motivated him to improve his lifestyle
  • What happened in the weeks and months after his brother’s passing
  • Reasons to seek help and support, instead of trying to manage grief on your own
  • The process of rebuilding healthy habits following a major breakdown
  • How his brother’s passing impacted the work he’s doing now


Diana Britton is the Managing Editor of WealthManagement.com, covering asset management and independent broker/dealers from all angles. She’s also the host of The Healthy Advisor, a podcast focused on advisor health and wellbeing. A native of Los Angeles, she now lives on Long Island.

Healthy Advisor is a podcast from WealthManagement.com focused on advisors’ personal wellbeing and healing. In this podcast we explore some of the deepest struggles and hardships that many advisors face and bring these issues out into the open so that others may find healing. Join us for this journey where we explore ways to overcome the stresses and anxieties as Diana draws from years of expertise and guest experts to manage the personal challenges of advisors.

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