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[VIDEO] Talking With the Experts Vodcast | Jonathan DeYoe – Money Mindfulness

The question us advisors should ask ourselves is, “What are the levers we can pull to support better financial outcomes?” When an advisor says “better investment performance,” they are either very naïve, or they are lying. We would say that they are stuck in a “prediction” narrative that attracts clients, but doesn’t actually work.

A better way (one that actually creates better client outcomes) starts with an education and understanding of each individual client’s values. We then plan appropriate trade-offs, and apply a little historical perspective as needed to remain mindful of that plan. We call this the “planning” narrative. The beauty of the planning narrative is that it works.

About The Talking With the Experts Vodcast

From Rose Davidson: “As the name suggests, my guests, experts in their field, and I dive deeply into topics relevant to businesses large or small.
It could be SEO or marketing. HR management or social media management.
‘Talking with the Experts’ vodcast series started in July 2020 because I love helping people.
It’s about all things business, by business owners for business owners.
I know a lot of business owners are challenged with different aspects of their enterprises and I saw this as a way of having experts address those challenges.
I believe that most people are time-poor these days. Most just don’t have the time to read or watch a video. They could, however, find the time to listen to a 30-minute (or less) podcast. Whether it’s driving to work, doing the dishes, or going for a walk. Just plug in the headphones and off they go!”

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