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[VIDEO] Share Life Podcast | Taking Responsibility in The Sea of Uncertainty — With Jonathan DeYoe

Jason leads an incredible interview. He asked great questions and then everywhere we turned, he had a resource or a suggestion. He made me think about things I have not thought about before, and if you know me… you know that is a big deal! He is a polymath among interviewers.


Discussion highlights:

  • Understanding and making sense of agnosticism
  • Questions religious beliefs and how Jonathan shifted in his worldview
  • Consequential pragmatism and its connection to Buddhism
  • The importance and impact of a worthy personal example
  • How the double life of Christians brought about Jonathan’s disillusionment of the church
  • The importance of recognizing what we cannot know
  • How truth tethers into a worthy example and pragmatism
  • Leaps of faith and its connection to pragmatism
  • What it looks like to take responsibility for our lives
  • Attachment to social change versus embracing personal responsibility
  • The power of helping others and providing value
  • What does it mean when people speak of “the universe”
  • Paying authentic kindness forward
  • Acting from intention versus acting reactively
  • How jealously distorts how we see
  • Hard work and taking work to the extreme
  • Having self-compassion toward the younger “me”
  • Being intentional and moving toward the vision
  • Reprogramming underlying beliefs
  • Wasted energy in the financial world
  • Taking responsible action for future “you”
  • Loneliness devoid of thinking and reflective solitude
  • Advice for the broken jaded person

Full Transcript Here


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