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[VIDEO] Investing in the U.S. Podcast | Mindful Money: Earn Your “Happiness Dividend” w/ Jonathan DeYo‪e

Reed, thanks for the trip down memory lane. It’s kind of amazing that after 20-30 podcasts no one has gotten this specific about the lessons I learned about money as a kid. From selling bubblegum in grade school, to underpricing the chicken coop project, to door-to-door fundraising… I learned lots of financial lessons as a child. Thanks for the opportunity to share them… and then expand on what we’re doing today that’s a little different.


In today’s episode we will dive deep into:
– Creating an investing plan
– Creating a business
– How to invest your money wisely regardless of income
– Why instant gratification is killing new businesses
– Bouncing back from failure and changing your life
– How to build for success in your life AND business


This is a podcast for investors and entrepreneurs looking to break into the U.S. market! Join Reed Goossens as he explores the world of US investments: real estate, businesses, and start-ups. Reed interviews industry leaders, and successful entrepreneurs, about how to grow your wealth and create financial freedom by investing in the U.S… With just a little bit of an Aussie twist!

Reed is an Australian making a go of it in the US. He moved to the US back in 2012. He went from buying small duplexes for $45,000, to raising money from investors to buy large multi family apartment communities across the US. To date Reed has been involved in the acquisition of over $250 mill. worth of multi family real estate. He certainly lives up to the ‘never say die’ Aussie attitude when it comes to being a successful entrepreneur. So click play and find out why this show is one of the top rated investing shows on iTunes.

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