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[VIDEO] EntrePods Podcast | E201 featuring Jonathan DeYoe, Building Generational Wealth


Jennifer Gligoric sits down with Jonathan DeYoe, financial advisor and author of Mindful Money, to discuss his new book and talk about wealth-building practices and how to build generational wealth.  He discusses how to apply your mindfulness and what assets you to prepare for the future financially.  Jonathan has a goal focus and planning-driven process. He discusses the importance of passing down work ethic to the next generation so that familial wealth will not dry up after three generations. He tells us to prepare our heirs with not only financial intelligence but also educate them in emotional intelligence and what matters at the core of the family, what is the family’s community engagement.  Tune in to hear Jonathan give countless examples of exactly what you can do to make, keep, and grow your money.


Jennifer Gligoric is a business consultant who has decades of experience in crisis intervention for businesses, start-up scaling with an specific expertise in building & running fully remote companies.

The EntrePods podcast is focused on helping business owners and investors fix and scale their businesses for strong funding and exit outcomes. Their goal is to bring their Entrepreneur & Investor listeners together with leaders in the fields of Entrepreneurship, Real Estate, Finance & Personal Growth & Development to have conversations that matter with a special focus on Ethical Entrepreneurship and those who are making money and changing the world. They are Radically Civilized with a focus on doable solutions that make the most positive impacts in your business, financial, personal & community life.

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