Reading List

I’m reading David Brook’s “Second Mountain.”

We spend the majority of our lives – we get out of school, we build a career, we save and invest – climbing the first mountain with the goals that our culture endorses. We seek success and personal happiness. We get to the top of the first mountain, as the story goes, to discover the unsatisfying nature of personal achievement. We discover there is another, bigger, mountain to climb. And thus begins the real journey of a lifetime.

Our personal happiness and the significance of our lives depends on our surrendering our natural self-centeredness and adopting an other-centeredness. We must embrace interdependence and commit to something… not ourselves.

Mindful Money – broadly sharing basic financial education and presenting the simple actions that enable and inspire wealth-building – is my second mountain. This is the purpose of the reading list below. These are the core books that have helped me establish my own set of financial beliefs and behaviors that can work for anyone who is climbing their own mountains.

Personal Finance:


Money History:

Money Biography:

Money in the context of life:

Family and Money:

Long-term positive trends:


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