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Podcast: The Guy Who Knows a Guy | Jonathan DeYoe, Mindful Money

Michael asks about my background, the book, and financial mythology before we dig into how we can help more people be more successful. Thanks for having me on, Michael.


Michael Whitehouse is a coach, author, motivational speaker, and networker. With over 18 years of experience running businesses and working with a diverse range of people, Michael works with people to gain a clearer vision of their ideal future, develop gratitude to appreciate the life they already have, and build their toolbox of connections and skills to drive towards their vision. Michael offers a daily motivational message in his Morning Motivation podcast, and he is the founder and chairman of Conference21, a unique virtual conference focusing on authentic connections and powerful learning.

Michael Whitehouse is the author of The Guy Who Knows a Guy, a book that shares his story of going from stranger to connector in less than two years. He discovered simple techniques to build a network in a new community that anyone can learn, and shares them in the book.

Every week, on this podcast Michael will introduce you to entrepreneurs and experts from around the country and across the globe. You will learn from their experience, their mistakes, their stories to achieve your best life.

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