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Podcast: How I Met My BFF | The Story of Dave & Jonathan

The last “F” in BFF stands for forever. Forever isn’t over when somebody dies. I was recently on a podcast that features BFFs. The podcast, “How I Met My BFF” is hosted by Leisa Reid & Tamara Kindred (whose couch I crashed on one summer in college). Tamara, thanks for the opportunity to remember.


It all started with two brothers… Tune in to hear Jonathan honor the memory of his brother Dave, and how their sibling relationship turned into a best friendship.


Welcome to the “How I Met My BFF” Podcast Website! It all started in Fairbanks, Alaska…two soul sisters destined to meet and become lifelong friends. This podcast is in celebration of the BEST FRIEND relationship – a relationship so important, yet not always recognized for its massive significance. Leisa and Tamara interview other best friends to learn how they met and hear their perspectives on friendship.

Leisa Reid lives in Orange County, California, is married to Mark and has a daughter, Ariana. When she’s not speaking professionally for her company, Get Speaking Gigs Now, she can be spotted at fitness classes like Zumba and U-Jam or hanging out at the pool. She is a speaker, 2-time best selling author and a coach for entrepreneurs who want to use public speaking to attract their ideal clients.

Tamara Kindred lives in Missoula, Montana, where she has an art studio, chickens, bunnies (sometimes) and kids. Her artwork takes many formats such as poetry, painting, photography, chicken coop chandelier design, lyrics and much more. She dedicates her professional time to assisting local residents with their housing needs. When she’s not attending sports games for the kiddos, you might spot her out and about working at 10 Spoon Winery, volunteering at the Art Museum, or at the planetarium.

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