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Podcast: Mission Matters: Education, Planning and Mindfulness for Financial Success with Jonathan DeYoe

Thanks Adam. It was great to be on the show. Given your own industry history, I am happy that you approve of our education mission because you know as well as anyone that Mission Matters.


Financial planning is not about money and the real benefits of financial planning are not financial. At its best, financial planning is about building futures, protecting families, creating legacies and encouraging clients to pursue their passions. Jonathan DeYoe does his best work in the place where Love and Money overlap.

Investment success is determined more by our choices than by market and economic data. When you experience working with the Mindful Money team on your own financial plan, you will see how incredibly freeing this realization can be. They have created a comprehensive ecosystem of advice to simplify decisions, reduce anxiety and empower clients to stay true to both their life-purpose and the financial plan that they have designed together.


Adam Torres is the Co-Founder of Mission Matters Media, a media and publishing company dedicated to the needs of business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives. He is also an international speaker and author of multiple books on business and investing, and his advice has been featured in major publications such as Forbes, Fox Business, Investor’s Business Daily, and The Street to name a few.

Several years ago, Torres and his business partner Chirag Sagar started a media company originally called Money Matters before rebranding in 2020 to the far more apropos Mission Matters – as mission and vision are everything.

Today, Torres and Sagar are launching their first-ever Virtual Summit in collaboration with Robyn Bennett to celebrate the launch of Mission Matters: World’s Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Top Tips to Success (Business Leaders Volume 4). This is the fourth volume in the bestselling Business Leaders series and the first to hold the new Mission Matters name. This book brings together 18 top business leaders to share their best tips and advice on leadership, technology, marketing, creating a results-driven work environment, and why digital transformation is imperative for modern companies.

Torres currently hosts 8 podcast shows and has published over 3,000 episodes. He has become known for his conversational interview style and absolute drive to be the best he can be as a podcaster, author, and business leader.

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