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Podcast: Investor Connect | Jonathan DeYoe of Mindful Money

I’m regularly called upon to talk about personal finance and wealth management, but I rarely have the opportunity to discuss “angel” investing. I have done it, primarily investing in people I know, but I wouldn’t say I’m an expert. I enjoyed talking with Hall about seed deals and the challenges involved. We also discussed my book and the pillars of human happiness.


Hall T. Martin interviews angel and venture capital investors on how they invest and talks with CEOs who discuss their sector and what to look for. He also leads the Startup Funding Espresso series in which you can learn about startup funding and investing in the time it takes to have an espresso.

Investor Connect is a podcast program for investors and startups who want to learn more about early-stage funding. In each episode, we ask seasoned investors and entrepreneurs to share their experiences with the startup funding community. Each episode fosters the entrepreneur ecosystem by sharing best practices and thought leadership around funding and fundraising.

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