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Podcast: Earn & Invest | Harmonizing Wealth: The Mindful Investor’s Path with Jonathan DeYoe

I always love talking to Doc G. He asks great questions, he leads me down my own memory lane, and he always drives to create better outcomes for his listeners. Thanks for having me on the podcast! And thanks for discussing Mindful Investing with your audience.


In this enlightening episode of Earn & Invest, we engage in a captivating conversation with Jonathan DeYoe, author of the groundbreaking book “Mindful Investing.” Join us as we explore the intriguing fusion of Western and Eastern philosophies and how they can be seamlessly integrated to create a solid financial plan. Discover the art of aligning your financial goals with mindfulness, and learn how these timeless principles can guide you towards a prosperous and purposeful future.


Doc G was an internal medicine physician when he discovered the personal finance community through a book called The White Coat Investor.  Since then he has left clinical practice to pursue his passion for deep conversations about money and life.

Join us for thought-provoking conversations that empower you to Earn and Invest wisely, shaping your future while making informed decisions today. Every Monday, our wide-ranging panel discussions explore various financial topics, fostering engaging conversations that challenge conventional wisdom and provide fresh perspectives. Then, on Thursdays, we delve into individual interviews, offering deep insights from experts who share their experiences and expertise. While we may not always uncover definitive answers, our goal is to equip you with the essential questions necessary to navigate a richer path towards financial independence.

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