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Podcast: Build Your Network | How Money and Mindfulness Work Together with Jonathan DeYoe

Travis Chappell understands that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know that matters. Thank you Travis for a great conversation – and for the the brief tip down memory lane. It was a great reminder of all the people who have made a difference in my life.
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Things you will learn in this episode (Skip To):

[00:01 – 06:48] Opening Segment 

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  • I introduce today’s guest, Jonathan DeYoe
  • Financial planner and author of Mindful Money
  • Head over to travischapel.com/makemypodcast and let us make your show
  • Jonathan gives some background around his early life
  • Grew up in Financial struggle
  • Supportive family
  • Studying finance
  • How Jonathan instills drive in his children
  • Making his children work and do chores

[06:49 – 16:56] Learning the Path to Money Mindfulness 

  • Jonathan talks about his transition out of studying finances
  • Studying Business as a kid
  • Bored with the content
  • Moving into comparative religion
  • Learning mindfulness from Buddhist philosophy
  • How Jonathan began in his work
  • Becoming good at communicating with people
  • Advised to carve out a niche
  • Creating Mindful Money
  • Misconceptions about money and mindfulness coinciding
  • Teaching people in prison about money
  • Similarities with rich people
  • Knowing your trade-offs
  • Focusing on your own values
  • A word from our sponsor

[16:57 – 24:38] Practical Uses of Money Mindfulness 

  • Practical ways you can learn to be steadfast during harder times
  • Develop faith in the future
  • The Shirt example
  • Recognize markets generally improve over time
  • Financial planning should disregard zig-zags in markets
  • Resources and strategies to use
  • Read Warren Buffet’s annual report
  • Robin Hood
  • Buy, Hold, and Trust

[24:39 – 28:51] Closing Segment

  • Who you know or What you know?
  • Who you know
  • Every good thing comes from relationships
  • The RaNdoM RoUnd
  • How to connect with Jonathan
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  • Remember to upload and tag us on Instagram!
  • Final words


Imagine living a life where you would be able to text any of the top people in your industry and actually get a response. How much faster would you reach your goals? How much better would your environment be? What would it do to your net worth? Business networking has always had a negative stigma because so many people were taught to do it the wrong way. On the Build Your Network Podcast, you will learn how to network the new way and the right way. Three days a week, host Travis Chappell will be having a conversation with top leaders like John C Maxwell, Amy Porterfield, Molly Bloom, Jack Canfield, Grant Cardone, Jordan Harbinger, Aubrey Marcus, Tom Bilyeu, and dozens of others. Each episode is geared toward you and is dedicated to help you uncover the secrets of professional networking in order to push you to the next level of success in your life. Consider this the ultimate guide to leveraging a powerful network the right way, building a network of influencers in your professional circles, and adding value to the lives of those around you.

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