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Podcast: The Private Lender | Mindful Money: How To Make Better Money Decisions With Jonathan DeYoe Thumbnail

Podcast: The Private Lender | Mindful Money: How To Make Better Money Decisions With Jonathan DeYoe

Keith and I have a great conversation that covers a lot of ground. We talk about investing, retirement, divorce, raising kids, managing risk in our lives, doing what we love, mindfulness, staying true to our plans, and a lot more.


How does the state of our mind affect the way we make money decisions? You came to the right place to find out. Keith Baker’s guest today is Jonathan DeYoe, founder and CEO of Mindful Money. Jonathan explains to Keith Baker how mindfulness creates a space between the external stimulus and your response. It’s that moment of calm you need to make the right decisions based on facts instead of emotions. When you adapt mindfulness in your finances, you start making better decisions. How can you practice mindfulness? Tune in to find out!


The mission of this podcast and website is to provide people just like you with the the education and confidence necessary to successfully and safely invest in real estate while still keeping your 9-5 job.  In addition, Keith has the goal of building a community of lenders (Lender Nation) who can be a sounding board for each other, as well as the source of deals and opportunities.

Becoming a private lender has lead Keith to interesting investment opportunities while allowing him the time to hone his deal evaluation skills, increase his network of investors and entrepreneurs all while learning from their particular expertise, and ultimately going into business with a heavy-hitting and prolific investor by forming Asset REI, LLC.

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