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Podcast: 8topod Fintech | Mindful Money with Jonathan DeYo‪e Thumbnail

Podcast: 8topod Fintech | Mindful Money with Jonathan DeYo‪e

My host, Anthony, was hyper-focused on the very basic decision matrix. How do people decide on what to invest in and what are those outcomes generally, vs. how should people decide on what to invest in and can that improve outcomes. He wanted to get at the heart of what doesn't change - even as all the fluff around it changes enormously. Thanks for a great conversation, Anthony.


Anthony Munns is the Head of Digital and Communication at 8topuz. On the 8topod Fintech Podcast we speak to some of the thought leaders and innovators in a wide-range of areas (investing, startups, fintech, etc.) to understand the tactics, tools, and practices they are using to succeed. 

We’ll be joined by a range of amazing guests. The podcast episodes will be one-on-one interviews where we’ll discuss the latest news, developments, and trends within the finance and business spectrum. Whether you're an expert or you're just keen to learn more about business/finance, then this is the fintech podcast for you!

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