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[VIDEO] LifeBlood Podcast | Mindful Money with Jonathan DeYoe


We talked about what mindful money and mindful investing means, helping people who may never interact with a financial professional, the shortcomings of traditional financial wellness, and why everyone is capable of becoming an investor, with Jonathan DeYoe, Money Philosopher, podcast host, speaker, Financial Advisor, and author. Listen to learn about closing the behavior gap! Full Transcript HERE.


A Human Wellbeing and Flourishing podcast, featuring professionals and subject matter experts, released daily. Get Better, Live How You Want.

George “George G” Grombacher has been a Financial Advisor for over 20 years. He’s been named to Investopedia’s list of the Top 100 Financial Advisors in the United States many years running, is the President of Financial Consulting Professionals, Founder and Chief Community Officer of Money Alignment Academy, author, host of the LifeBlood podcast, and professional speaker. He’s a husband, father, and a secret rockstar.

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