090: Jennifer Dazols – Financial Planning for Women and LGBTQ+ Communities


In this enlightening episode of the Mindful Money Podcast, host Jonathan DeYoe is joined by Jennifer Dazols of Modern Family Finance for a deep dive into the intersection of personal finance and individual values, with a particular focus on the unique financial planning needs of women and the LGBTQ+ community. As Jonathan shares his own transformative journey from tech to finance, influenced by his immigrant parents’ wisdom, the conversation uncovers how to align wealth with personal happiness and reduce money’s dominance in life. Jennifer sheds light on the specific challenges and strategies pertinent to diverse families and lifestyles, while also offering universally applicable financial advice.

Together, they empower listeners to craft a financial plan that is not only inclusive and specialized but also reflective of their deepest values and aspirations, making for a must-listen episode for anyone seeking to shape their wealth with intention and inclusivity.

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Key Takeaways

(00:00) Navigating Personal Finance and Money Beliefs

(11:44) Working with a good Financial Advisor

(18:53) Financial Coaching and LGBTQ+ Family Concerns

(27:03) Financial Advice on Cash Flow

(35:21) Financial Planning and Podcast Recommendations

Tweetable Quotes

“Money should be seen not as a constraint but as fuel for living your best life. It’s about shifting the perspective from what we can’t do because of financial limits to how we can use our resources to fulfill our dreams and aspirations.” (Jennifer)

“The value of financial planning comes not from a transaction, but from a transformation. It’s about moving from financial uncertainty to a place of confidence, where you can make decisions that align with who you are and what you value most in life.” (Jonathan)

“Inclusive financial advice means recognizing that everyone’s journey is unique. It’s about crafting strategies that reflect the diversity of lifestyles and experiences, especially for communities like women and LGBTQ+ individuals, who have long been underserved by traditional financial planning.” (Jennifer)

Guest Resources

Modern Family Finance

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Books Mentioned:

Your Money or Your Life

The Simple Path to Wealth

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