It's Never Too Early to Start Thinking About Financial Freedom

Mindful Money Foundations is our first life stage course. It is designed for college students and recent graduates and provides you with the fundamentals of financial education. We will address:

  • Financial Psychology
  • Savings & Expenses
  • Budgeting & Automation
  • Account Management & Advice
  • BONUS: Credit Profile, Education & Skills Development

What is the right age to start thinking about money?

Is it high school? college? The first time we have to pay rent or bills on our own?

The truth is we begin learning financial lessons before we know we are learning lessons at all – from the stories our parents and grandparents tell, from our friends and pop culture, and even from the music we listen to. Even where money is never mentioned, we are learning financial lessons that effect our beliefs and behaviors around money. How could it be otherwise?

These inherited beliefs and behaviors influence our decisions and outcomes for the rest of our lives.

But, no financial outcomes are pre-determined. The concept of “mobility” – both upwards and downwards – is incredibly important in personal finance. Some people are born with much and waste it; others are born with little and create much.

Even if your family struggles (perhaps, especially if they struggle), you have the opportunity to change your story. You CAN save, invest and build wealth.

But it starts with unraveling the false stories we’ve learned; knowing what is most important to us individually and understanding the basics of money.

Are you willing to take on some simple steps and practices now that set us up for success once those real paychecks start coming in?

“Foundations” was designed as a starting point for those who are either naturally curious about money – or simply want to learn how to get, and stay, ahead – but may not have a reliable source of financial mentoring.

Foundations will help you to understand your “money story,” how to set goals, how to embrace good money habits, how to budget, how to save, and where to go when you have more questions. As a bonus, we’ve included 2 additional modules to help you understand your credit profile and how to get educated and develop skills to help you on your road to financial well-being.

We look forward to seeing you in the course.