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Weekend Reading | Saturday, June 8, 2024

Featured Articles: Good Writing From Around The Web

An Open Letter to Vanguard CEO, Salim Ramji

Love this. Vanguard could easily lead the way to a better financial system… if they’d just choose to do it!!!

Steady 54% of Americans Identify as Middle Class

It’s interesting to see how steady the class identification has been since 2004.

Joe Biden and the Inversion of Reality

An educated and informed populace is critical to democracy. This is not good!

Selling Plasma and Personal Finances

I had totally forgotten this… when I moved to CA, I donated plasma and bone marrow for compensation. Anyone else have to do this to “get by?”

Lowering Our Expectations

“There is one golden rule of investing: If someone tells you they can beat the market without taking on more risk, you should not invest in whatever they are selling.”


Whatever your age, if you seek financial independence, then there are three things you need:

1. Your independence number
2. A resilient “all-weather” portfolio – what we call a Mindful Portfolio
3. A responsive withdrawal process – what we call Mindful Management 

If you are not clear about any of these items, I hope you will join us for our Financial Independence Bootcamp where we will answer each of these questions together. 

Always reading, always learning, Jonathan hand-selects these articles for readers each week. To view Jonathan’s curated articles from previous weeks, CLICK HERE.

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