Mindful Money Minute – Where Does Financial Planning Begin?

Most people think financial planning begins with laying out your current financial situation, considering all your goals and determining what you have to do to bridge the gap – and this is a very important part of good financial planning. But, this is not where it starts.

Excellent financial planning starts with a realization that you are in the process of ‘becoming’, a recognition that the goals you have for yourself today will change, and an inspiration to consider how they might change.

Working with this inspiration, an excellent financial planner provides both a simple guidance towards better outcomes AND an understanding of what it looks like to live a meaningful life as defined by you.

Before you lie out your current financial situation and talk about your goals… you should spend some time considering what, in life, is worth having? There is a path of outcomes that our family and culture provides for us. This path may (or may not) make you happy.

Excellent Financial Planning starts with Love and ends with the wisdom of knowing how you will pursue real sources of happiness.


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