How to talk about personal finance and personal happiness… that’s ‘Mindful Money’

99% of financial analysis and reporting either argues a position regarding markets or explores some predictive element of the economy. Neither of these is actually helpful or in any way meaningful to real people making decisions in real life.

What if there was a way to talk about personal finance that DID help people with real life decisions? What if there was a personal finance talk that could actually improve both financial outcomes AND ‘Happiness’ or ‘well-being’ outcomes.

This is Mindful Money. This is the behavioral personal finance conversation that Jonathan DeYoe wants to have with your audience.


Make Your Next Event A Unique Experience – Add a “Mindful Money” talk.

About Jonathan

Jonathan DeYoe has spent the majority of his adult life following what Buddhists call “the middle path.” By applying this belief system – which is both simple and challenging – to financial planning, we will find our way to financial sanity and earn what he calls “our happiness dividend” —the joy and satisfaction that comes from a life well lived.

Jonathan is the author of Mindful Money: Simple Practices for Reaching Your Financial Goals and Increasing Your Happiness Dividend. He runs a private wealth management firm (DeYoe Wealth Management, Inc.) and a digital advisor. Before financial services, he was a student of philosophy, comparative religion, and Buddhist Phenomenology at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA.

As a speaker, Jonathan applies insights at the “intersection of financial success and relentless happiness.” He wants investors to embrace the freedom that financial outcomes are largely the result of simple choices they make. Better yet, that planning for tomorrow can bring hope and joy to the present moment, which is the truest happiness dividend.

Jonathan lives in the Berkeley Hills with his wife of 15 years and 2 incredible kids, and can still be found twice a week playing soccer!

Examples of Talks (Topics and Outcomes)

Jonathan’s Mindful Money message can be tailored to a variety of diverse audiences. 

Jonathan’s Mindful Money approach to wealth, and our behaviors around spending and investing, is a bright new perspective to investors of all types. From first-time investors to seasoned financial advisors, Jonathan delivers the message that there is hope despite the uncertainty and fear so often associated with wealth planning.

Jonathan offers more than a pre-scripted presentation. He works with organizations and audiences of all types to deliver a targeted message that will start them down the Mindful Money path today.

Work with Jonathan to create a custom presentation that targets your audience. Or choose from a few existing topics:

Industry Conferences & Corporate Events

The Mindful Money Project – There is an unexpected relationship between Money and Meditation. Perfect for a main stage or corporate all-hands meeting, the Mindful Money Project is designed to help people get out of their own way and make better financial choices. The presentation pairs wonderfully with his book, “Mindful Money: Simple Practices for Reaching your Financial Goals and Increasing your Happiness Dividend. The audience will learn to:

  1. Recognize culturally imbedded financial illusions
  2. Recall the things that bring our lives real meaning
  3. Make better choices and enjoy better financial outcomes
  4. Experience more well-being and less anxiety

Life by Design – Becoming happier and more content in our lives starts with knowing what brings about happiness and contentment. The first step in any planning process is knowing what is worth striving for – this is highly individualized.

This workshop/presentation focuses on how to create a Life Blue-Print.  If you are going to build a house, you need to hire an architect… you need a good design.  The same is true in life, you have to understand your starting point – HERE – and create a picture of how you want it to turn out – THERE.  Along the way, you need to identify your values, discover your purpose, create your compelling vision and establish your personal mission. After you do this work, the rest is pretty simple.

Financial Conferences & Financial Advisor Training

Building a Sustainable Advisory Business – For advisors who want a sustainable advantage, they have to transform their clients – help them become better people. Anything less than this will be commoditized.

Jonathan has grown a practice from $0 AUM to $250 Million AUM (and now beyond)… TWICE. Only one endures. He shares lessons so advisors can be more effective with clients and have better lives.

Jonathan will share the three keys to building your financial practice:

  • Emotional connection – Vulnerability / Openness / Love
  • Be More / Do More – Leave a Profit (in every exchange)
  • Focus on Health – change the narrative – Simplicity/ automation/ patience

Why audiences LOVE Jonathan!

3 Reasons audiences (and meeting planners) LOVE Jonathan

Relatable – Jonathan helps audiences home in on what really matters: Both in life and with money.
He helps them define what success looks like for them

Dispels Myths About Money and Wealth – Jonathan helps audience members learn to tune out the
market noise, focus on their goals, and mindfully follow the path
they’ve set to financial success.

Actionable Insights – So much of financial success is based upon individual choices. Audiences leave
with insights and tactics they can put into action so they can earn what he calls their happiness dividend.

Past Speaking Events/Locations:


AssetMark/Genworth Regional Conference
Berkley Breakfast Club
Berkeley Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner
Berkeley City College
Berkeley Public Library
Berkeley Rotary Club
Books Inc. (Book launch)
East Bay Regional Park District Annual Fund Dinner
Eaton Vance Regional Conference
Graduate Theological Union
JobVite – Corporate All Hands Meeting
LPL Financial annual conference (multiple)
PEAK Advisor Alliance – Annual Excel Conference
Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA)
UC Berkeley (multiple)
Uncharted – The Berkeley Festival of Ideas
VOCARI (Work & Human Flourishing)
YWCA – Young Women and Money

Ready To Get Started?

Make Your Next Event A Unique Experience – Add a “Mindful Money” talk.