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Keynotes and Workshops

Each Conversation Explores the Area Where

Enduring Financial Success Meets Relentless Happiness

Financial reporting usually discusses the current market or makes an attempt at predicting some element of the economy – but this is not helpful to real people making real-life decisions. How can we think and talk about personal finance in a meaningful way? Author, speaker and financial advisor Jonathan K. DeYoe is dedicated to starting an impactful conversation around a mindfulness-based, goal-focused, planning-driven approach that works.

Mindful Money Talks Tailor to your Audience Berkeley, CA Mindful Money

Mindful Money Talks Tailored to Your Audience

The Mindful Money message is about changing beliefs and behavior with regard to personal finance. This new perspective can help individuals and families take steps towards better financial outcomes and a happiness dividend. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a conference or a public workshop for a local association, we’ll customize a talk to reflect your audience.

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Speaking Topics Include

Will your Kids inherit Wealth or just money Berkeley, CA Mindful Money

90% of Financial Success Stems from 3 Choices

Three decisions determine your financial outcomes. No amount of focus on other items will solve the problems created by getting these three things wrong. Those who focus on getting these three decisions right will reach their financial planning goals and feel successful. Those who ignore any of these three decisions can't be saved by any amount of brilliant maneuvering or optimization in other areas.

Are you Managing Your Wealth? Berkeley, CA Mindful Money

Financial Well-Being: Putting the "Life Well Lived" Before "Financial Success"

Everyone has choices. They can be market-focused and performance-driven, worrying about every headline and watching every market move. Or, they can be goal-focused and planning-driven, living less anxious lives with better outcomes. Reduce financial stress by focusing on what you can control and learn to live a more meaningful life.

Is Your Advisory Business Sustainable? Berkeley, CA Mindful Money

With A.I., The Future of Financial Advice is Human Connection & Transformation!

As computers get better and better at the technical financial skills, the advisor's role is changing. The future advisor will not be managing investments, they will be managing people. This change demands empathy and compassion. The best and most practical tool available to advisors interested in participating in this transformation is Mindfulness. Jonathan will share specific steps to build a mindful financial practice.

A Look at The Audience’s Transformative Experience 

Mindful Money Conversations Provide

A Relatable Perspective Berkeley, CA Mindful MoneyA Relatable Perspective 

Jonathan helps audiences hone in on what success looks like for them, both with money and with life. 

Advanced Insight Berkeley, CA Mindful MoneyAdvanced Insight 

Upon learning about money myths, listeners understand they can tune out the market noise and focus on their unique path and goals. 

Actionable Tactics Berkeley, CA Mindful MoneyActionable Tactics 

So much of financial success is based on individual choices. Audiences leave with strategies they can put to action towards financial and personal wellness.

Past Speaking Events

Jonathn Deyoe headshot Berkeley, CA Mindful Money

About the Founder

Jonathan DeYoe AIF®

Jonathan DeYoe is a best-selling author, speaker, financial advisor and angel investor. He is a husband, father and a practicing Buddhist. His simple underlying message brings a welcomed sense of order to financial chaos and restores a calm center to your financial life.

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