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Your Guide to Employee
Financial Wellness

Retirement Plan Services

Employee Education

Employee Financial Planning 

Our business services are designed for small and medium-sized businesses looking to improve financial wellness.

Your team is the single largest investment you make in your company. Take the stress out of their personal financial planning.

With a retirement plan, your employees will have:

  • A better understanding of money
  • Reduced financial stress & better health
  • Improved morale & higher productivity
  • A lower likelihood to resign
  • A more valuable compensation package

When your employees take the Mindful Money approach, they thrive. When your employees thrive, business thrives.

A Full Suite of Support for
Employers and Employees

Retirement Plan Services Berkeley, CA Mindful Money

Retirement Plan Services

Full retirement plan design, implementation, and administration services for 401(k) and 403(b) plans

Full retirement plan design and implementation Berkeley, CA Mindful MoneyFull Retirement Plan Design and Implementation

Reasonable and Transparent Pricing Berkeley, CA Mindful MoneyReasonable and Transparent Pricing

Fiduciary Protection Berkeley, CA Mindful MoneyFiduciary Protection

Participant Education Berkeley, CA Mindful MoneyParticipant Education

Concierge Service and Access to Plan Data Berkeley, CA Mindful MoneyConcierge Service and Access to Plan Data

Robust Investment Options and Regular Line-Up Review Berkeley, CA Mindful MoneyRobust Investment Options and Regular Line-Up Review

Employee Financial Education Berkeley, CA Mindful Money

Employee Financial Education

For companies without a retirement plan, financial education can help your employees have a better financial experience and improve their investment outcomes.

Onsite and Virtual Mindful Money Workshops Berkeley, CA Mindful MoneyOnsite and Virtual Mindful Money Workshops

Subscription to Personal Financial Resources and Q&A Berkeley, CA Mindful MoneySubscription to Personal Financial Resources and Group Q&A

Enrollment Support and Access Daily Valuation to accounts Berkeley, CA Mindful MoneyEnrollment Support and Access to Daily Valuation of Accounts

Digital Employee Portal with Goal-Based Planning Tools Berkeley, CA Mindful MoneyDigital Employee Portal with Goals-Based Planning Tools and Investment Services

Employee Financial Planning Services Berkeley, CA Mindful Money

Employee Financial Planning Services

Two avenues for your employees to integrate and simplify their financial lives: high-touch or high-tech.

Comprehensive Wealth Management Berkeley, CA Mindful Money

Comprehensive Wealth Management

  • Personalized advice and full-service financial planning
  • Creation of a Mindful Wealth Map

Streamlined Digital solution Berkeley, CA Mindful MoneyStreamlined Digital Solution

  • Simple digital tools for basic financial planning 
  • Cost-effective online portfolio service aligned with retirement plan 

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