Take Your First Real Steps Towards a Life of Financial Abundance

Mindful Money Pathways is our second life stage course. It is designed for people in the early to mid- stages of their career and will guide you through the financial framework for successful money management. We will address:

  • Values, Goals & Purpose
  • Financial Psychology
  • Savings & Expenses
  • Budgeting & Automation
  • Account Management & Advice
  • Understanding Loans
  • Paying Off Debt
  • Credit Profile
  • Education & Skills Development
  • BONUS: Risk & Insurance, Investing Basics & Bear Market Survival Guide

Your first job is a big deal. Your first real job is even bigger.

We all remember our first paychecks, however small they may have been. It feels really good to have our own spending money.

Do you remember how you spent that very first paycheck? Did you spend it memorably? Did you waste it? Did someone suggest you save some of it? Did you invest any of it? The temptation, universally, is to spend it today. We aren’t very good at deferring gratification.

We want to say “Yes” to our quality of life today! AND, we want think about our future selves as well. It’s never too early to start considering your financial future. And, the earlier you start, the easier it is to make meaningful strides towards financial freedom.

By setting both short- and long-term goals, putting aside a percentage of your earnings, living within your means, and knowing who to turn to for sound financial guidance – you can live with the joy and confidence that comes from knowing you’re making great choices for yourself today and tomorrow.

Pathways will give you the tools you need to create and stick to a budget, manage and pay down debt, understand your credit profile, and begin investing – all the building blocks you need to get on the path towards freedom.

As a bonus, we’ve included 3 modules to help you understand your financial psychology, increase your income, and learn how the govern and economy can affect your personal finances.

We look forward to seeing you in class.