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[VIDEO] trīb. Podcast | Ask Me Anything with Scott Jacobs Thumbnail

[VIDEO] trīb. Podcast | Ask Me Anything with Scott Jacobs

From Scott: I had a blast with Phoenix and the trīb. family dispelling "SO MANY"  of the common myths out there. Thank you Phoenix for a fantastic conversation.

About the Episode

AMA with Wealth Advisor Scott Jacobs of Mindful Money. Scott answers questions about GameStop, Bitcoin, and dispels many of the myths surrounding market predictions and "quick hit" investing. It's a great conversation with tons of super useful information.

About trīb. &  Phoenix Normand

trīb. is a private, global, online community of the most passionate and accomplished Executive Assistants on the planet focused on mastering BUSINESS, not simply becoming better EAs. Founded Nov 1, 2017 by career, C-suite Executive Assistant-turned-CEO, Phoenix Normand, trīb. has quickly become internationally renowned as “that group” that exceed the norms of this role and continue to execute at a level much higher than expectation. 

Phoenix Normand is renowned one of the most respected and sought-after EA advocates, coaches and educators in the industry. His unique perspective as a successful, Black, gay, top 1%, career C-suite EA and his straight-no-chaser, zero-BS style has quickly made him one of the most sought-after, new voices and advocates for the global Executive Assistant community. As a concurrent CEO and COO, multiple business owner, he continues to perfect the exec/EA dynamic, now from the C-suite, to help other EAs develop the same mindset, acumen, passion and execution as the people they support and become a highly coveted member of the team. During his over 27-years at the top of the game, he has supported some of the nation’s top CEOs in Finance, Tech, Retail, Gaming, and Aerospace. He created trīb. and trībU to obliterate antiquated misperceptions about the role and focusing on helping EAs develop advanced business acumen, executive-level strategic thinking, higher levels of professionalism and accountability, and Chief of Staff-level understanding and execution.

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