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Mindful Money Blog

Holiday Letter 2022 Thumbnail

Holiday Letter 2022

As I wrote this in the run-up to the holiday season, markets seemed to be on the mend from the bear that started January 3rd, the air was coming out of the inflation balloon, and talk of recession probabilities was the new crisis du jour (it ALWAYS has to be something). The biggest surprise to me is always that anyone is surprised by these things...

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The Market and Economy in Q2 2022: Perspectives and Principles Thumbnail

The Market and Economy in Q2 2022: Perspectives and Principles

The best way to completely destroy any chance for lifetime investment success has historically been to sell one’s quality equity portfolios in a bear market. In Warren Buffet’s words, it is wise for investors to be “fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.”

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The Open Heart Sees Beauty Where the Closed Heart Cannot Thumbnail

The Open Heart Sees Beauty Where the Closed Heart Cannot

Beauty is around us all the time. Sometimes we can’t see it. Sometimes we won’t let ourselves see it. Beauty, like everything else, is impermanent. It arises, it abides awhile, and it goes. When it goes, it is replaced by a new experience – some will be painful, some will be wonderful. Reality is a river of these experiences, one after another.

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2nd Quarter 2021 Market Commentary Thumbnail

2nd Quarter 2021 Market Commentary

At the completion of the first ½ of 2021, the global economy and their associated equity markets have made significant progress towards “recovery.” As always, we divide our mid-year report into two parts. First, we recap our shared investment philosophy; second, I share our perspective on the current situation.

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CA Proposition 19: Changes and Trade-Offs Thumbnail

CA Proposition 19: Changes and Trade-Offs

This is a detailed issue that pushes you in one direction while pulling in another at the same time. Depending what you choose, you may maintain low property taxes, but sacrifice stepped-up basis. Or, you may keep your stepped-up basis, but your family would lose the low-assessed value for property tax purposes.

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3rd Quarter 2020 Commentary Thumbnail

3rd Quarter 2020 Commentary

The coronavirus is still very much with us, as is much of the economic dislocation occasioned by the virus and accompanying lockdowns. We are closing in rapidly on a number of vaccines. But it may be quite some time before most of us will have access to them, and there will inevitably be frustration in the process.

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