Today Is The First Day of the Rest of Your Life... and Paves The Way for Your Retirement

Mindful Money Legacy is our third life stage course. It is designed for people in the mid- to late stages of their career and will teach you how to secure your wealth and manage it with the market. We'll address:

  • Values, Goals & Purpose
  • Financial Psychology
  • Increasing Income
  • Economics & Government Influence
  • Risk & Insurance
  • Preparing To Invest
  • Investing Basics & Investing Extras
  • Estate Planning & Philanthropy
  • BONUS: Paying Off Debt, Retirement Reboot & Bear Market Survival Guide

Take Charge of Your Financial Future

What does the word “retirement” bring to mind for you? Is it a far-off destination, or a source of pending anxiety? Do you dream of finally enjoying some downtime, traveling to distant lands, taking up that hobby you’ve always had an interest in -- or do you worry about whether you’ll be able to make ends meet, whether you’ll have anything left to hand down to your kids, or stay healthy?

At some point we all have to take stock of where we’re at with our income, savings, and retirement planning. Hopefully we feel pretty good about where we are – but for most Americans, this is not the case. We may be concerned that we’re not earning enough, paying down debts or investing fast enough to maintain the quality of life we’re used to once we’re out of the workforce.

The financial media is full to the brim with retirement jargon, but do you really understand how terms like “inflation,” “long-term” or “compounding” apply to your life?

At Mindful Money, we believe that everyone – no matter what their past or present financial state may look like – can make a tangible difference in their lives by learning the basics of behavioral finance.

With a mindful approach, a willingness to learn, and the decision to take these few basic steps, we know that you can make better choices today which have lasting effects on your financial health and happiness.

If you’re ready to get serious about your future, Mindful Money Legacy was designed for you.