8 good linksNovember 16th, 2018 by Jonathan DeYoe

Want to update your thinking, look to what you are reading.

  • What do you think… Should mobile fintech apps come with a warning label? People who use mobile fintech apps tend to make worse financial decisions  (Quartz – John Detrixhe)
  • Are you playing the right game? The Surprising Power of the Long Game (Farnam Street – Shane Parrish)
  • What if “familial” applied to the humans we meet on the path that aren’t in our families? Familial  (A Learning Day – Rohan)
  • What if the legacy of stress was PHYSICALLY passed from father to child. Turns out sperm can carry traumatic memories that alter how we manage stress neurologically. How Dad’s Stresses Get Passed Along to Offspring  (Scientific American – Esther Landhuis)
  • We will miss this basic trait when it’s gone… just as we miss manners and basic kindnesses. Life’s Little Luxury  (The Weekly Standard – Joseph Epstein)
  • Changing demographics – Threat or Opportunity?  When No One Retires  (Harvard Business Review – Paul Irving)
  • The single most powerful setup I can offer my kids for their Retirement – early ROTH contribution support.  Why Wait?  (Humble Dollar – Jiab Wasserman)
  • Continued brilliance. “Every past decline looks like an opportunity; Every future decline looks like a risk” When Things Get Wild  (Collaborative Fund – Morgan Housel)
  • It is tough to know what barriers to trade might cost us… but I hope it doesn’t cost this. To Make a Cup of Coffee, It Takes More Than a Village (Wall Street Journal – A.J. Jacobs)