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Financial Coaching 

Find Your Happiness Dividend

Aligning your values, purpose, vision, and money
towards a life of meaning and well-being

You have unique values and purpose. You have remarkable passions. You have big goals and personal hurdles. You just need a little help.

We coach you to overcome the hurdles. We empower you to create your own personal financial plan and investment portfolio to match.

With wisdom and compassion, we create a retirement plan. We mindfully shepherd the plan to fruition.

Services For:

Individuals & Families

Choose your Path Berkeley, CA Mindful Money

Only 5% of American families have financial lives complex enough to justify expensive Financial Advice. Most people benefit from simple financial planning (the kind you can do in a notebook or with an excel spreadsheet) and a simple low-cost evidence-based portfolio. 

Personal finance is one place where doing it yourself (even while leaning on expert coaching) can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in your lifetime.

Our À la Carte Approach to Integrated 
Financial Coaching

Holistic: Mindful financial coaching, takes a big picture view of your personal finances and brings your well-being and money into alignment. As your life inevitably evolves financial coaching can help you adjust strategies to stay on course.

Group: The issues facing most families are very similar – paying down debt, saving for education, and getting money into their retirement plans. Working in a group relieves competitive pressure and our sense of isolation. Groups can help you learn before you are ready to engage and can become both a support network and an inspiration – as we are literally all in this together.

Mindful Wealth Coaching Benefits

Holistic Berkeley, CA Mindful MoneyBuild Financial Knowledge

Get to know basic financial concepts in the privacy of your home. Come to understand different financial products, which ones make sense for you, and where you can turn for trustworthy advice.

Personal Berkeley, CA Mindful MoneyGoal Setting

Discover your values and discern the sources of your personal well-being. Learn how to set goals from your heart-center and create a plan to achieve them.

Financial Planning flow chart Berkeley, CA Mindful Money

Pay Off Debt

Stop adding more debt, organize and prioritize your debt-payment plan, and become debt free – releasing all that debt-related stress.

Evidence-Based investing Berkeley, CA Mindful Money

Raise Your Credit Score

Increasing your credit score can open doors – to better apartments, better home mortgages, and better terms for business loans.

Estate and Wealth Transition Berkeley, CA Mindful Money

Create an Emergency Fund

Stop living one crisis away from impossible choices. Your emergency fund gives you breathing space for whatever you may face.

Ecosystem of Advice Berkeley, CA Mindful Money

Save More

Learn how to better use your income to support your happiness. What you spend money on matters – some things add a great deal to your life; other things are just a bill. Spending wisely almost always includes saving more.

Ecosystem of Advice Berkeley, CA Mindful Money

Invest Better

Investing should not be stressful. The stress of investing derives from not understanding and embracing appropriate volatility. We show you how to build a mindful, resilient portfolio that required fewer decisions.

Ecosystem of Advice Berkeley, CA Mindful Money

Save Money on Fees

Many advisor clients pay 10's of thousands of dollars in management fees every year and there is no promise of outperformance. We coach you to do it yourself, so you can keep that money working for you.

Ecosystem of Advice Berkeley, CA Mindful Money

Build Wealth

Money runs out. Wealth builds itself. Financial independence occurs when the income your wealth produces covers all your expenses. Wealth is legacy.

Mindful Wealth Coaching Pieces


The most common financial question I get is, “Do I have enough to retire?” The next 2 most common questions are also retirement income related, “How can I make sure the cost of health-care and rising inflation don’t ruin me,” and “how do I manage for retirement income through 25-35 years of changing markets?” We answer all those questions in this live workshop.


Maybe you’ve gone through one of our other programs and want ongoing support. Maybe you want the Monthly Maintenance program to remind you of the nitty-gritty details that you have to regularly manage. Or, maybe you just want a place you can ask personal financial questions. Any and all questions are welcomed and encouraged. We will never try to sell you anything.


Our Mindful Money Community is comprised of Mindful Money Members, Mindful Retirement Review Workshop attendees, and those who have gone through the DIY Financial Plan course. All community members are granted access to our 18-module educational courses, participate in our private Facebook forum, and are invited to regularly attend live, cohort-driven educational events led by Jonathan DeYoe. 

Employee & Other Groups

How much is financial stress costing your organization?

How much time does your team spend worrying about money?

If you could help, would you want to?

The reality is that Americans owe more than $1.7 Trillion in student loans, over $1.2 Trillion in credit card debt, and the median retirement savings of pre-retirees is less than $100,000.

To say that financial stress is causing lost productivity would be an enormous understatement.

The question is, how much is it costing your organization?

Let’s relieve some of the pressure together. Let us build a financial wellness program for your team. 

Ready to start?

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