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Mindful Money Digital Advisor

Goal-Based Planning. Digital Experience.
Responsible Investing.

Not everyone is ready for, or wants, a personal financial advisor.

But, everyone benefits from goals-based planning, saving more, and a simple investment process. Let Mindful Money Digital Advisor design the portfolio that’s right for you.

Goals-Based Financial Planning: Begin with the End in Mind

Every Mindful Money Digital account begins with one of your goals. Where are you trying to go?

  • Creating a Safety Net
  • Saving for a Major Purchase
  • Saving for your Child's Future College Education
  • Planning for Retirement
  • General Investing
  • Managing a Trust

Easy to Use Digital Platform

Our Betterment partnership enables professional management without a personal advisor.

You manage your plan. We design your portfolios. Our partner, Betterment, automates the details.

This enables us to help families who have less complex financial situations help themselves.

Simplified Evidence-Based Investments

We start with our core investment philosophies: Goal-appropriate asset allocation; broad diversification; and regular rebalancing.

We seek to improve client portfolio returns by applying academic evidence in portfolio construction. We diversify across many holdings and lean-in to smaller, lower price, and higher profitability companies.

We improve client after-tax returns through clear tax management. We employ tax-lot tracking which enables better tax-loss harvesting. We manage taxable yield and use asset location strategies to reduce your tax burden.

Do Well and Do Good with E.S.G. Portfolios

Investing well and incorporating your social values are not mutually exclusive. Investors are increasingly applying the non-financial factors (Environment, Social, & Governance) in the investment process, by:

  • Emphasizing sources of higher returns - while minimizing turnover and trading costs
  • Evaluating sustainability metrics across ALL major industries
  • Emphasizing companies that act in socially and environmentally sound ways
  • Excluding (or underweighting) companies with poor ESG performance

Let us help you open or transfer your:

  • IRA or Roth IRA
  • Trust Account
  • Personal Account
  • Joint Account
  • 401k Rollover

On-Going Support Options: Digital Financial Education and Live Group Q&A

Financial Freedom starts with education. We have a complete package of Financial Education Courses to boost your knowledge on a variety of financial topics and help you make better decisions.

Mindful Money Digital clients are invited to join Mindful Money Live, our Private Facebook Community, to get the extra help they need. Once a month we host a call to take members through our scheduled maintenance approach to personal finance and make ourselves available to answer the sticky money questions.